Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. The mind is the most complex machine on Earth; it is the source of all our thoughts and behaviours. If you are passionate about understanding how and why people think and behave in a certain way, then this subject will appeal to you.

Pupils who enjoy psychology tend to be curious, open-minded, non-judgemental and have empathy. You will enjoy reading and thinking critically about theories and concepts. The ability to contribute to class discussions and practical work are very important.

Psychology sits well within most combinations of subjects including both sciences and arts as it seeks to use scientific and mathematical methods in order to understand behaviour. Given this, the subject is best suited to those who have good GCSEs in Biology, English and Maths. A third of all A Level marks are awarded for essay writing. A quarter of all A Level marks are awarded for scientific enquiry and 10% of marks will assess mathematical skills.

Lower School

Upper School

Trips & Events

The department organises Dr Guy Sutton to deliver a ‘Cognitive Neuroscience Workshop’ to year 13 students, which includes the dissection of a sheep’s brain and a full day of lectures – this is one of the highlights of the course for many students.

Beyond School

Career options are varied as there are many transferable skills from studying psychology. There are many specific options for applied professional psychological careers, such as, clinical, sport, educational and forensic. In addition, there are many career pathways that operate slightly outside the remit of psychology but to which the skills are transferable to: actuarial analyst, advertising, human resources, social care, public services.

Head of Psychology

Andrew Scarisbrick

Head of Psychology