The three main performance spaces at Cranleigh are well-equipped and are suited to a variety of performance styles.

Speech HallSpeech Hall

The Speech Hall is the largest and oldest performance space in the School. Built in 1920, this large hall is equipped with a full-sized stage and a large auditorium that is often used as part of the playing area and has seen configurations end-on, traverse and in-the-round. The Speech Hall can seat up to 500 people and is the main venue for the largest-scale School productions, concerts and keynote lectures.




Vivian Cox Theatre

The Vivian Cox Theatre (known as the VCT) is a small studio theatre that seats 100 in a horseshoe arrangement with a thrust stage. This intimate venue was completed in 1991 and is a popular location for a wide range of productions. It is where all the House Plays are performed and is also the venue for the Junior School Production.  It has a very comprehensive range of technical equipment and has seen innovative staging across a variety of theatre styles.



Drama StudioDrama Studio

The Drama Studio is the smallest and also the most versatile performance space and it is used as a teaching space as well as a performance space for Curriculum Drama. Designed to be a ‘Black Box Studio’, it well-equipped as a small but functional studio theatre with lighting, sound and video equipment.