Beyond Cranleigh

In 2010, Cranleigh entered into a partnership with the London-based charity Beyond Ourselves in a commitment to support Kawama Community School (a primary school in Zambia’s copperbelt region) in providing quality education for the pupils there.

Education Sponsorship

Over the course of 20 years, Cranleigh has committed to sponsoring 225 children at Kawama. Sponsoring a child costs £12.50 a month and provides the child with a meal each school day, basic medical care, a new school uniform, shoes and bag, and covers the salaries for the school staff each year. Currently 200 children are being sponsored by individuals or groups of pupils, parents and staff from the Cranleigh community.

Social Enterprise

Two years’ ago, Cranleigh helped set up a social enterprise called ‘Kawama Krafts’, which employs five local people to create products made from the very popular and colourful traditional chetenge fabric to be sold here in the UK, with profits being re-invested in Kawama School.

The money raised in last year’s sponsored walk (around £25,000) allowed us to  purchase fuel efficient stoves with cooking and proving ovens that allow family businesses to make and sell enough loaves every day to provide an income for their families. The funds will cover the purchase of the initial equipment, training, and ongoing support for those involved.

There are around 30,000 people living in Kawama and unemployment runs at around 75%, so it is vital that social enterprises are sustainable, helping to provide jobs, skills and opportunities for the community. The bakery project, like Kawama Krafts, will allow a number of families to have a sustainable income.


Sixth Form Visit

There have now been eight trips of Sixth Form visits out to Kawama, engaging in activities from teaching classes and leading small groups, playing sport with the pupils, building and developing the school classrooms and facilities, running a clothes sale, visiting local homes, and meeting with families, teachers and church leaders from the community.

Through all this, our students have gained an awareness of Zambian culture, exchanged stories, and developed their own vision for serving communities beyond Cranleigh.