Head of Careers

Mrs A E ReaderBA, PGCE

Pupils are inspired, excited, educated and prepared for the world of work during their time at Cranleigh, with Careers being an integral part of the School’s provision.

We aim to provide information, advice and guidance to all pupils in order to help them surface their career interests and identify the choices that they will need to make to realise their career aspirations.

During the Fourth Form, pupils focus on exploring attitudes and aptitudes to work, through careers support websites, Fast Tomato and Plotr, helping them to generate careers and subject choices for GCSEs.

They are introduced to the idea of employability skills through a fun activity afternoon. Throughout the year they spend time reflecting on the skills that they have developed through their extra-curricular activities such as team sports and drama productions. They begin to record their achievements and skills in their own Competency Framework and begin to relate these transferable skills to the world of work.

The Lower Fifth update their Fast Tomato profile and use this and Plotr to explore career options. They continue to collect evidence of key employability skills to update their Competency Framework and begin to look for opportunities to plug the gaps in their skills. Towards the end of the year, all pupils complete the Morrisby Online Aptitude test and have a one-to-one follow-up meeting to help support their career research.

During the Upper Fifth the pupils continue to make good use of the online careers websites, beginning to understand the route that they need to take and the A Level subjects required for their journey. They are supported by their tutors and the Careers department.

From September 2016, the School will be piloting an innovative Employability Curriculum as part of the Sixth Form enrichment programme, looking more closely at Securing Employment, Managing Personal Finance, Understanding Business Practice, Understanding Business Contexts and Leadership.

Facebook, twitter and emails are regularly used to inform pupils and parents about current events and employment trends. The Careers room is always open with computers available and literature to explore, with staff and tutors ready to support and guide the pupils along their career path.


All pupils explore a wide variety of careers at the Careers Fair, where they select short talks to listen to, from parents, Old Cranleighans and outside speakers. All pupils take part in a week’s work experience at the end of the Summer term. This gives them the opportunity to find out first-hand what a possible career is really like and enables them to enhance further their employability skills.

The UCAS day is held in the Sumer term for the Lower Sixth to support the pupils in their research, decision making and application processes for higher education. This support and guidance continues throughout the Upper Sixth.

Parents, Old Cranleighans and outside speakers regularly visit the school to give talks about different careers, subjects and universities. Professionals’ Suppers are held each term, enabling pupils to meet and eat with a wide variety of professionals, gaining advice, support and inspiration.

Cranleigh Network

The Cranleigh Network is a ‘careers for life’ programme that is a joint initiative between the School and the Old Cranleighan Society. The Network is intended as a genuine support organisation for all former pupils, from help with work placements, CV design and post-graduate employment to potential career-change initiatives later in life. All Cranleighans will have the opportunity to be part of the Cranleigh Network.


Flying Start Employability Course (139 KB)