A well-balanced individual will have a sense of spiritual awareness along with academic achievement and physical ability. The experience of wonder, an understanding of right and wrong, an appreciation of the divine, and respect for the worth of each human being; these things are the invisible glue holding our community together. These values are learned in every part of our lives, but the School Chapel, and the activities connected with it, are a particular focus for our spiritual development.

The Chaplaincy Team

We are fortunate to have many of the Common Room involved in the activities of the Chapel. Key ‘official’ staff, however, include:

Revd Tim Lewis who can be contacted on 01483 542028 or by email:

Mr Sam Cooke –  Assistant Chaplain, who may be contacted on 01483 542028 or by email:

Mr Ian Rossiter – Chaplain’s Assistant

Also part of the Chaplaincy team are Mrs Ruth Frett and Miss Laura Sturdee

Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored is a six-week series of meetings, which begins in the second half of the Michaelmas term, aimed at introducing the Christian faith and its meaning for today in an informal and lively setting. Those attending the Confirmation Course start with this series. There is a mixture of presentations and small group discussions. Coke and crisps are served and various members of staff assist.

The Confirmation Course runs each year from November to May, with weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 5.30pm in the Reading Room. The first six sessions are the Christianity Explored course, and these are then followed by a further six sessions and various other events.

The eXchange

The eXchange exists as an opportunity for anyone interested to find out more about Christianity. You do not need to hold any religious beliefs to come along; all are welcome. Each meeting will involve a talk, usually by a guest speaker. Doughnuts and coke on offer!

Venue: The Reading Room
Time: Wednesday 6.15 – 7.10 pm

Chapel Events

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