On Tuesday October 10th, Cranleigh School hosted an afternoon of code breaking activities, involving over 110 pupils from 15 local prep schools. These intrepid challengers were invited to crack ciphers (such as a Caesar and Affine Shift) in school groups before listening to the very special guest lecturer Simon Singh.

There was a real buzz among the prep school pupils (and staff) who enjoyed themselves during the activities and it was Copthorne school who emerged victorious, winning the Maths Department led activities overall. They were followed by one of the Cranleigh Prep School teams who were a close second.  By the end of the day, we all felt like winners after the inspirational lecture on Cryptography, featuring an authentic working Enigma Machine from World War Two, given by Simon Singh.

Thanks to all those who were involved, both staff and pupils, in making this a thoroughly successful and enjoyable afternoon.