Something was wrong: very wrong. It wasn’t raining as we loaded the minibuses after assembly at the end of term and it still wasn’t raining as we drew up in Barmouth for the traditional fish supper at the Dolphin chippie, just before our destination – Harlech. In fact we were blessed with fantastic weather for the duration of camp, with a whole week of clear blue skies and gentle breezes. SAHY and GGB were not quite sure how to cope with this.

A mixed group of old hands and new blood meant that we had sufficient experience amongst the senior cadets to divide into two groups, allowing everyone room to try all the activities on offer without too much pressure on the nervous first timers.

The first day was taken up with an easy bimble up the Watkin path on the south side of Snowdon, stopping briefly at the Gladstone Rock to allow SLW to regale us with a little History and Politics. Unfortunately we had not considered the impact of “Sport Relief” as we yomped past various groups in unlikely headgear involved in sponsored walks. Sunday was a little quieter and we spent the morning climbing and abseiling at Tremadog and the afternoon exploring the old slate mines at Tanygrisiau. Tuesday saw us climbing again, this time at Betws y Coed. This was coupled with an excellent Mountain Biking session in the surrounding hills, with fantastic views out over Snowdonia.

Our good luck with the weather held as we set off on our two day expedition from Ganllewyd to Trawsfynedd and then on back to Harlech. While supper was being cooked the now rather fragrant cadets were bussed off down to the pool in Harlech for a shower and a swim. Feet were getting a bit sore by this stage and we were beginning to wish we had taken out shares in Compeed blister plasters, so it came as something of a relief that our final day’s activities could be done from a seated position, tearing round the Go Kart racing circuit. Packing, early bed and a long drive home rounded the week off.

Many congratulation to all fourteen cadets who joined us at Ffridd Farm for an excellent, if exhausting, week of activities.  Everyone had a go at new skills and activities, in many cases trying things for the first time. Thanks go to GGB and SLW for their good humoured help and efficiency.

CCF Contingent Commander