With another early start we headed to the school with high spirits for the last time. Our tasks for the day included the usual digging, teaching and preparing food. Today a group of us had the chance to meet the Social Enterprise team to discuss products which would sell well in the UK, which was an exciting prospect for both parties. Good progress was made with the digging as the boys had a ‘who could get the biggest sweat patches’ competition, working in the girls’ favour – i.e. we didn’t have to get our hands too dirty. Ritchie and Hager came out on top and made the most progress with digging and sweating. We finished the school week by playing another round of football – this time succeeding in victory after using the last of our available energy, with both the girls and boys being victorious with 1-0 scores – scored by Maisie (MD) and Willy C.
The walk from the football was very sombre as we all realised that at the end of the walk a number of goodbyes awaited. There were mixed emotions among the group as we said goodbye to Kawama School for the last time. It was upsetting to know that a number of us will never again see the children and teachers who we had grown so close to over the last week. But it also left us in high spirits as we knew that we have made a difference with our time. After a lot of hugs and waving goodbye, the bus ride home was silent, with each of us taking time to reflect on the physically and emotionally draining time we spent at the school. We now look forward to our last day of rest before the long travel home.

By Maisie & Olly