Art2A big well done to everyone, the workshops were a great success in terms of creative output and of course bonding!

The design team were very productive cutting, smoothing and spray-painting letters from the vernacular (Bemba) and English alphabet. Others were producing relevant picture cards on laminated A4 to go with the letters. The finished products all look very professional indeed.

The art group were also very impressive and demonstrated diverse skills and great ideas, along with a very sensible attitude. It gives Ms Yates great hope that we will be able to deliver some fantastic colourful designs to the classroom walls when we are in Zambia.


The second session involved;

  • mixing cement, bricklaying and building a relatively straight wall!
  • painting in the planets, with care and attention applied to the textural surfaces and colour
  • making and cutting out templates – the crocodile is a great addition to the world animal mural and the geometric flowers will be informative as well as colourful
  • netball preparation, rules, positions, coaching aids so we can coach the game when out there.














Two great nights and as a group a lot was achieved. We have a clear idea of what we are doing now, how we are doing it and, more important, who to ask to do what!

There is a lot more preparation work to complete before we depart – anyone with a free moment to contribute any extra time to the finishing touches that are necessary head down to the Art department.