What a contrast to last year!  In 2013 we endured three days of relentless rain and arrival at the campsitesSAHY Silver NF_1460485 triggered a search for elusive dry islands on which to pitch tents.  This year glorious June sunshine showed us the New Forest at its best.  There was easy walking along sun-dappled woodland tracks (if the right route was followed!) and open expanses of pony-speckled heathland.  Instead of worrying about keeping sleeping bags dry, we were more concerned about sun screen and staying hydrated.

Nonetheless, it must be remembered that this was still a tough challenge for the six groups and the dailySAHY Silver NF_1460528 distances (plus a few extra unplanned “detours”) took their toll on feet and shoulders.  However, the beautiful views, the wildlife and ponies, together with the positive attitude displayed by all the teams allowed them to complete in excellent style, arriving at the final pick up point in good time and good spirits.

Many thanks to GGB, LJJB, GLG, RSG and STP for their supervision and assessment and to the Met Office for such good weather.


Head of Outdoor Education