On Tuesday the whole of the new IVth form, together with the Biology Department and several other willing staffSAHY BMNH_1500145 “volunteers”, left bright and early to fight through the traffic to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. The aim was to whet everyone’s appetite for the diversity of life past and present on our planet, to start people thinking about the controversies surrounding the development of modern ideas on evolution and to simply show off this wonderful Victorian cathedral to the Natural World.

Inevitably the iconic Carnegie Diplodocus in the Great Hall, the Blue Whale and the more graphic descriptions of Human Biology were the most popular exhibits. Time was also found toSAHY BMNH_1500141 visit the Earth Hall and the Geology Museum where the amazing gem and mineral collections were a great draw to the students. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of at least one member of staff, the Tertiary fossil molluscs proved to have slightly less pulling power!

This proved to be a hard, but very worthwhile day, and everyone found something to enthuse, enlighten and provide them with several weeks’ worth of random “fun facts”, as well as examples to enrich the Biology curriculum.

Dr Simon Young