A 19-strong team of U6th students, plus the 5 members of staff accompanying them, have been beavering away to20141001_193332 prepare for their forthcoming trip to Kawama School. The major focus of this annual October trip is to interview all the Kawama students and their families, providing vital up-to-date information for the charity Beyond Ourselves as they continue to provide support for the children. A week ago Jodie Collins, the director of Beyond Ourselves, led a workshop on the interviews, leading the team carefully through the process.

This trip marks a big shift in emphasis of the Cranleigh visits to Kawama. There will not be any major building20141001_193317 work to be done; instead, the students will work with small groups of students from each grade to revise Literacy, Numeracy and Science, thereby reinforcing the goal of improving the quality of education at Kawama School. The Cranleigh students were given the learning objectives that each grade in the school should have covered in the year up to now, and were asked to prepare at least one teaching resource per subject per grade. This task sparked extremely imaginative ideas, from ‘storyboarding’ to ‘flip-up mathematical problems’ to a ‘clock’ telling the time, date and season, complete with moving parts! With less than 2 weeks to go, the team are getting excited about visiting our partner school and putting their hard work (as well as their patience as teachers of primary school children) to the test!

The group will also be hosting a huge 2nd hand clothes sale during the week, selling items of clothing and footwear 20141001_193256for a small price to the wider Kawama community. The money generated will be used to support Kawama School. Donations have been pouring in, and at the moment Miss Sturdee’s flat is rather full!

The team will be reporting most days from Zambia. Keep your eyes on the blog to find out what they have been up to. They leave the UK on Wednesday 15th October and return on Sunday 26th.