The annual David Vaughan squash trophy was fiercely competed between the 1st team and the OCs this week. TheSquash OC 1st Team had played 2 matches so far this season, and with only one win under their belts, wanted to end the half term with a positive success rate. There were two matches which were especially competitive. Oli Pope (Loveday) lost 11-5 in the fifth to Mark Robson whilst Charlie Gilbert won a point back for the 1st Team winning against Mike Stonebridge in the final game. Although Angus Barrett lost 3-1 to Rupert Langmead, Jamie Bartlett won his match against Alistair Chesser. The roles were reversed in the final match as Richard Winter beat Tom Howard (Cubitt) in straight sets, a master class on Richard’s part, meaning that the OC’s won the match 3-2Squash overall.