On Tuesday 16th June 16 L6th Business Studies students visited the Jaguar Land Rover Manufacturing site in Solihull to give them an insight into manufacturing at one of the biggest plants in theIMG_7565 UK.  Having completed some research around the two brands, and with many of them being familiar with a number of their cars, there was much anticipation about how a quality and prestigious car like a Jaguar is assembled.

When we arrived they were given a brief introduction to Jaguar Land Rover including the story behind its heritage.  Many of the students were blown away by the size of the manufacturing plant – it covers the same area as 90 football pitches side by side!  They were then split into two groups and taken round the framing plant where theyIMG_7574 were walked through the process of putting the body of each individual and customised Jaguar together.  As they walked through this process many of the key business theories that they had been, and will be, studying were explained, concepts such as lean manufacturing, motivational techniques, job ownership, supply chain, technology and automation.  It was really useful for the students to see some of their classroom based discussions come to life.  The tour continued through the next stage of the production process and it was really interesting to see each stage feed into the finished product – a gleaming, customised Jaguar XJ.  All in all a very enjoyable and worthwhile trip, one which the students will refer back to in their final year of Business Studies.

Helen Merry (BS department)