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  • 14 May 2021

Zambia Update

Our partner, Beyond Ourselves, is delighted to report that December’s Big Give Christmas Challenge raised £16,500 to promote literacy development in The…

Our partner, Beyond Ourselves, is delighted to report that December’s Big Give Christmas Challenge raised £16,500 to promote literacy development in The Copperbelt, Zambia. The money is being used to train an additional 500 teachers in literacy education using the Jolly Phonics programme.

The team in Zambia has been busy with the training, with workshops taking place in all 10 districts of The Copperbelt. These gatherings were restricted by Covid-19 but the smaller numbers enabled the team to strengthen relationships with these teachers and provide more individual mentoring.

One teacher who has recently benefitted from the Jolly Phonics training in Zambia wrote, ‘After trying so many methodologies to help learners breakthrough to no avail, we thank you Beyond Ourselves Zambia who have helped us get great results by using Jolly Phonics. I have had a remarkable breakthrough with my learners not only at school level but with those I take for tuition as well. Am going with all your methods and thumbs up to you for making teaching literacy so much easier, we appreciate you.’

Alongside teacher training workshops, the team have completed a Jolly Phonics Teachers’ Guide that has adapted the British Jolly Phonics guide to a Zambian context. This has been approved by the Zambian Ministry of Education and will be used to ensure teachers are learning how to effectively teach children how to read and write.

Beyond Ourselves brings literacy training to Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison in Zambia

Beyond Ourselves has run its very first workshop in a Zambian Prison. This first literacy training event included 16 Officers and 34 inmates at Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison in Kabwe (the largest in Southern Africa). The Director for Correctional Services said, ‘Inmates who come into the facility with no form of literacy should be able to come out literate and with basic arithmetic skills. By doing so, we would have prepared them for smooth reintegration back into society.’ Dan Whitcombe the Director of Beyond Ourselves Zambia reflected that,  ‘it’s really hard that some are defined by the worst things they have done, offenders are  more than the crime they committed and they surely have value in the community.’ 


Kamatipa Community School

Beyond Ourselves has a longstanding relationship with Kamatipa Community School, which many Cranleigh students have visited. This under-resourced school has recently applied for funds from the Beyond Ourselves Community Impact Fund and we are delighted to announce that work has commenced on building a two-classroom teaching block. These new classrooms and office space will make a huge difference to the staff and pupils of this school, that up until now, have been meeting in a church hall.

Sponsorship update

We are enormously grateful for the fundraising that Cranleigh has undertaken for Beyond Ourselves over the last year. Individual members of the community, along with the boarding houses are currently sponsoring 168 Kawama Pupils. If you feel you could help with a monthly or one-off donation to Beyond Ourselves, we would be enormously grateful. Your donations really do make a massive difference and directly impact children and their families.




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