Art Exhibitions Poster 22

A Level and GCSE pupils’ artwork, exploring various media and stylistic approaches, went on exhibition just before Long Leave with our opening event attended by staff, students and parents.

Large figurative drawings are juxtaposed by ethereal sculptures inspired by the Pre Raphaelites, while opulent printed fabrics vied for our attention with surreal standing towers; classically inspired reliefs that ruminate on the meaning of beauty are placed beside carefully embroidered figures, while panoramic views of figures in an abstracted Berlin are shown beside exquisitely decaying surfaces of copper and paint that allude to the transience of memory. This was all part of the A Level exhibition. GCSE students, meanwhile, overwhelmed us with glass wax-covered heads, jewel-encrusted portraits, bathtub paintings, fluorescent glowing faces, and punk montages, to highlight a small selection of the works.