Lower Sixth - The Merz

Please enjoy this time-lapse film of The Merz, our Lower Sixth artists’ three-dimensional response to the theme of ‘Montage’.

Students were asked to take their inspiration from the artist Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948). During his life, Schwitters created three large, architecturally-formed constructed environments which he named “Merzbau” and which are now seen as the originator of installation art. 

Initially working in 2D collage, the Lower Sixth created work which suggested meanings and narratives but with any “reading” purposely left abstract. Their 2D collages formed the guide for working in space; the challenge was to form a collaborative abstract sculpture.

The process was really exciting, as students worked they shared ideas and collaborated with one another, allowing The Merz to grow.  The outcome is a sculptural collage rich with imagination and possibility, full of joy and youthful optimism.



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