On Thursday 2nd March, English students from the LVIth and UVIth had the privilege of attending Mohsin Hamid’s talk for the Guardian at The Tabernacle in London about his new novel ‘Exit West’.
The novel rings with fiercely relevant concerns demonstrating how acutely aware and deeply engaged Mohsin Hamid is with the major anxieties of today.

Hamid’s second novel ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ is on the A Level syllabus and at the end of the talk pupils had the opportunity to ask Hamid questions about both his new novel and ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’.

The questions that were asked by Cranleigh pupils were pertinent and insightful.

Lewis Bedford (UVIth) said of the event:

We listened to Hamid’s ever relevant stances on geopolitics; unsurprisingly he is becoming lauded as a leading light on the immigration scene. It was fascinating to hear of the integration of fiction as a potent force to challenge the issue of immigration. I look forward to seeing him make a difference through literature.