On the 6th of July 19 members of the CCF travelled to St Martins Plain in Folkestone, Kent for a week away on summer camp with London District Cadet Training Team in glorious sunshine.

Once through the factory of Army administration, the Cadets headed off to their accommodation before a hearty supper and briefings for the following week.

Day one included a day of weapon handling from regular Soldiers and lessons in marksmanship which would help in the week to come.

Day two was an adventure training day at Lydd ranges. Activities included a paintball lane, archery, dune buggies, kayaking and canoeing. All had a great time and safe to say a highlight was ensuring the staff spent more time in the water then in their boats.

Day three saw Cadets tested in skills learnt over the year, as well as learning new ones as they cleared rooms, corridors and houses using blank ammunition. VIP visitors turned up at the complex on Hythe ranges and commented on the enthusiasm of our Cadets. After supper, was an evening spent on the obstacle course.

Day four and five was spent on the ranges. On the first day Cadets zeroed their weapons and completed a shoot which meant all passed the shooting part of the syllabus. The second day was spent shooting at different ranges up to 300m whilst firing in the prone, kneeling and sitting positions. The evening activity was an orienteering event.

The last day of the week was competition day, where Cranleigh came away as winners in the obstacle course, archery and the gun run. Cadet Vaughn-Payne was awarded a certificate for best endeavour. Sgt Jody Taylor was awarded top Cadet, and CSM Bonsey was awarded top shot over the two range days.

Thank you to Major Reed, Lt Constable, 2Lt Walker, 2Lt Simmons and AUO McConnall-Wood who gave up their time to make this camp happen. More importantly thanks to the Senior Cadets who run the Contingent.

A sad farewell was said to CSM Hugo Bonsey on his last camp, along with a huge thank you for his selfless commitment during his time in the Cranleigh CCF. He will be remembered as the founding CSM of the Wathgill Society. CSM Bonsey handed over the appointment to the very capable CSM Fu; I am sure the Contingent is in safe hands.