Technology and Mental Health Parent Seminar

Our seminar for parents, held in partnership with the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, explored issues around technology and the mental health of children and teenagers.

The aim of our seminar was to bring together parents with experts in neuroscience, parenting, mental health and the impact of technology on all of these areas. We shared ideas and experiences, learned from pioneering work in the field and will continue with similar events to ensure that provide the best possible environment in which pupils may thrive.

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Speakers & Slides

Jenny Langley

Jenny Langley is a trainer for the Schools and Families programme for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. Since her eldest son recovered from anorexia over ten years ago Jenny has focused her attention on raising awareness of mental health and emotional resilience of young people and has a special interest in prevention, early intervention and crisis management in the school environment.

Technology & Mental Health Parents Seminar: Jenny Langley from Cranleigh School

Dr Dean Burnett

Dr Dean Burnett is a doctor of neuroscience, psychiatry tutor/lecturer, stand-up comedian and writer. He is the author of The Idiot Brain and The Happy Brain. He works as a lecturer at Cardiff university and writes the Guardian Science blog ‘Brain Flapping’, which focuses on combining science and humour and has attracted millions of readers since its start in August 2012. Dean is also regularly in demand as a contributor and spokesperson for science for the Guardian newspaper, the Telegraph, Focus Magazine and an impressively wide variety of other publications, as well as TV and radio. He has performed live comedy alongside such names as Brian Cox, Simon Pegg, Jo Brand and Robin Ince, among others.

Technology & Mental Health Parents Seminar: Dean Burnett from Cranleigh School

Dr Emily Setty

Dr Emily Setty is a Postgraduate Researcher a the University of Brighton and recently completed a PhD in ‘youth sexting’. Her research focused on the ways in which developments in digital technology are impacting upon and shaping youth sexual cultures. She was particularly interested in how young people navigate and negotiate ethical digital sexual practices, including with regard to privacy and consent. Her findings uncovered a range of sexting practices that can be understood in terms of wider social meanings and cultural norms relating to gender, relationships and the body.

Technology & Mental Health Parents Seminar: Emily Setty from Cranleigh School

Sophie Linington

Sophie Linington is Deputy CEO at Parent Zone where she has worked for nine years. She has developed and now manages Parent Zone’s statutory offer including Parent Info (a partnership with CEOP); Resilient Families programme with Prevent teams, and in-school training with staff, pupils and parents. Sophie has worked in research, policy, delivery and campaigns on supporting parenting for over 15 years.

Technology & Mental Health Parents Seminar: Sophie Linington from Cranleigh School