Cranleigh School’s partnership in China with the Cogdel Education Group was formally agreed at the Department for International Trade today. 

The Cogdel Group, based in Chengdu, currently operates five international high schools across China. The Cranleigh family of schools currently includes senior co-educational boarding school Cranleigh School, and co-ed boarding and day school Cranleigh Preparatory School, both in Surrey; along with Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, a group of schools for 3-18 year-olds in the UAE.

Adrian Lajtha, Cranleigh’s Chairman of Governors, said: “It is much to the credit of the Cranleigh Schools that their excellent education provision has attracted such a partnership.”

Together Cranleigh and Cogdel will form a company called Cranleigh China, which will act as franchise provider for Cranleigh China branded schools. These schools will adopt a similar ethos to Cranleigh, with particular emphasis on academic excellence, the creative curriculum and provision of an innovative co-curricular programme. Cranleigh China schools will focus on the final three years of education, A Levels and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), with a view to helping pupils to achieve UK and US university entrance.

“Cranleigh’s longstanding reputation in the provision of a first-class boarding education will help us to establish unique schools for older pupils in China. Our recognised academic expertise will provide a perfect partnership for Cranleigh’s focus on innovation, pastoral support and an enriched co-curricular programme,” said Mark Coggins, President Cogdel UK and Non-Exec Director Cogdel Group.

A separate management board will work alongside James Dale-Adcock, Cranleigh’s Strategic Development Director, on the new enterprise. The ambition for Cranleigh China is to open a number of high schools over the next five to 10 years.

“We’re delighted to be partnering in China with Cogdel, who work alongside the highest performing schools in China. We look forward to maintaining a long-term relationship of academic and co-curricular excellence as a global brand together,” added James Dale-Adcock.

The first Cranleigh China School is planned to open in 2020.