Students in the first year of the high school section of Cranleigh’s school in Changsha, China, were amongst the small number of students globally who actually sat exams during the pandemic rather than receiving teacher assessed grades. In a single preparation year before moving on to A Level or IB, students at our Changsha school commit to taking up to seven iGCSEs in the English medium through Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). Selected courses included Maths, Additional Mathematics, Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, ESL, Geography and Physics.

The results students received in this first year of operation were excellent and beyond expectation. A total of 118 A* and A grades from 278 entries were achieved, a healthy rate of 42% percent for the first ever cohort of IGCSE students. 27% of all grades were A* with one student scoring A* grades in all seven selected subjects. This is a particularly impressive achievement from this cohort when we consider that students only had between September 2020 and April 2021 to prepare for these exams and they were studied alongside the requirements of the Chinese National Curriculum and IELTS / TOEFL examined courses.

Headmaster, Adam McRoy said “The entire team at Cogdel Cranleigh Changsha School is thrilled with the positive response and hard work from our pupils and proud of the tireless work put in by teachers to ensure this excellent first set of IGCSE results.”

Warm congratulations for this outstanding set of cohort and individual student results were received by Headmaster Adam McRoy from Cranleigh’s overseas schools’ governors and Headmaster Martin Reader.