Cranleigh will open its second school in China with partner Cogdel Education this September in the city of Wuhan. As with our first school in China located in the city of Changsha, this new school will provide a Cranleigh style education for students in their last three years of schooling who wish to apply for universities in the UK or US. Construction of the impressive site located in the Wuhan International Economic Development Zone is nearing completion and work is now focusing on internal design, procurement, school promotion and staff recruitment.

Cogdel Education currently operate a highly regarded International High School in Wuhan whose new intake, current students and staff will transfer to the new Cranleigh China School site over the first three years of operation. A high level of interaction at a student, staff and governance level will occur between the new school in Wuhan and Cranleigh’s highly successful first school in Changsha, which opened in September 2020. In its short history, this first Cranleigh China school has already recorded outstanding iGCSE results, as well as being put forward for a range of co-curricular international school awards.

Cranleigh China Wuhan will be led by Dean Arthur. Dean is well known to Cranleigh having spent time at Cranleigh UK and Cranleigh Abu Dhabi learning about the Cranleigh ethos and approach. Dean is Headmaster of the current Cogdel Education International High School in Wuhan and said the following about the new venture with Cranleigh:

“The launch of Cogdel Cranleigh School here in Wuhan signals the start of our journey with Cranleigh School in Hubei Province. The combined history of Wuhan No.6 School, Cogdel and Cranleigh will mean the school starts with a rich history upon which to build strong futures for all our stakeholders. I have worked with Cranleigh for over three years now and am excited as the Principal of the Wuhan Senior School to join the Cranleigh family and to build the Cranleigh ethos further in China.”

Martin Reader, Headmaster Cranleigh School said: “I am thrilled that, during a time of such global adversity, we have been able to open the next school in the Cranleigh China project so quickly after the first in Changsha. I am well acquainted with Dean Arthur and am highly confident he will be able to instil the Cranleigh ethos amongst staff and students and develop a top level Cranleigh China school in Wuhan. Hopefully, I will be able to see it for myself in the not too distant future. In time I hope that income raised from overseas schools will enable Cranleigh UK to fulfil its social purpose more effectively and continue to enable a global collaboration and mutual understanding that will prepare students at home and overseas to meet the challenges of our shared futures”.

Despite an increasingly complex landscape of education regulation in China and the constraints the pandemic continues to impose, the Cranleigh/Cogdel partnership continues to flourish with further school roll-out planned across China in the coming years.