Business studies

Business Studies is ultimately about decision-making and understanding what distinguishes one successful company from one which is less successful.

Branson, Dyson, Gates, Zuckerberg – dynamic and rich people who have built successful firms. All these companies have in their time followed some of the many principles laid down by a typical Business Studies course. You will study these principles and learn from the examples of these firms as well as, importantly, from the failed ventures which have littered the business world too. On completion of the course pupils will have a whole host of theory and real-world examples from which to carve out a successful career – either as an entrepreneur or within an existing organisation.

Introduction to Business Studies A Level

Lower School

Upper School

Trips & Events

There are numerous opportunities to extend pupils business understanding outside of the classroom. Activities pupils are encouraged to be involved in include: visiting a local ‘start-up’ business; attending in-house lectures; and investing virtual money in the Student Investor Challenge. In addition, we run a trip to Jaguar Land Rover where pupil’s eyes are fully opened to concepts such as: lean production; automation; total quality management; staff motivation; product design; and the impact of globalisation. Despite these events really helping stretch and challenge pupils, quite often there is no substitute for simply following contemporary economics and business related stories – the recent plight of Tata Steel for example.

Head of Business Studies & Economics

Helen Carson

Head of Economics & Business Studies