As a department, we believe that chemistry should be accessible and enjoyable to all students. Our courses are designed so pupils develop a range of skills to not only aid future study but also future careers; central to this are the development of pupils’ critical thinking and problem solving skills rather than relying upon a body of learnt knowledge.

Of course, it is also important to help pupils discover their own methods for learning factual content. To facilitate this, each pupil is supported with modern technology including a range of different educational APPs (Classkick, Blooket, etc) coupled with classical pen and paper teacher methods.

Throughout each year, pupils develop their practical skills in a safe environment by completing experiments that are tailored to each year group. These experiments are used to either facilitate or reinforce learning as well as establishing a collaborative environment to support and promote communication and teamwork between students.

Lower School

Upper School

Trips and Events

Depending on dates, in recent years there have been a number of trips to “Science: Live” and “Science in Action” events in London and, for the first time in a number of years, an overseas science trip to Florida is planned for Easter 2024.

Chemistry students enter the RSC Chemistry Challenge (Year 10) and the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Challenge (Sixth Form) and the UK Chemistry Olympiad (Sixth Form).

Beyond School

An A Level in Chemistry leads to a number of related Undergraduate programmes. In recent years, for example, A Level Chemists have gone on to study: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Medicine, Material & Science Engineering, and Veterinary Science.

An A Level in Chemistry also facilitates access to a range of unrelated degree options. Recent A Level Chemists have pursued undergraduate degree programmes in, for example: Business, Economics, Classical Studies, General Engineering, Marine Biology, Environmental Geoscience, Ecology & Conservation, Data Science, Biomedical Engineering, Psychology and Aerospace Engineering.

Head of Chemistry

Ed Peerless

Ed Peerless

Head of Chemistry