Portrait Photo of Peter Bradnock


Mr E J P BradnockBA, PGCE

Hamlet offers in soliloquy the line, ‘I have of late but wherefore I know not lost all my mirth’. Had he ever worked at Cranleigh, never would he have uttered such melancholy sentiments. This is a very fun place to work indeed and as resident Housemaster of East, life is great. I live here with my family; we hear owls in the night, and enjoy the morning mists over grounds our children have com...


Deputy Housemaster

Mr G C RoyallBSc

Non-resident Assistant Housemaster

Mr M P D EmleyBA(Hons), QTS, MA (pending)

Non-resident Assistant Housemaster

Mr J H Schofield-NewtonBA, MA


Mrs B Hathaway

East Matron

Mrs H R Reed

East Matron

Miss J A Reilly

East Matron


Mr E K Daly

Teacher of Chemistry

Mr A G C Hillen

Teacher of English

Mr A R Houston

Director of Sport

Mr C W Kinnersly

Teacher of Art

Mr S G Quinn

Head of Mathematics

Mr S P Rayer

Teacher of Design Engineering

Mr G C Royall

Deputy Housemaster (East)

Dr J L Taylor

Assistant Head (Learning, Teaching and Innovation)

Dr M E Ward

Head of Keyboard

Mr R A C Williams

Non-resident Assistant Housemaster