Cranleigh Foundation


The Foundation stepped in to help my daughter at what was a very difficult time in her life. She realises how lucky she is and that without their support, and the School’s, she would not have succeeded as she has done.

The Cranleigh Foundation (Registered Charity No 1122918) funds places for children who have suffered trauma, such as losing the support of one or both parents through exceptional or tragic circumstances. Foundationer places are for children who have a significant pastoral need and would benefit from our nurturing boarding environment.

The Foundation is a fund which, over the coming decades, will build to a substantial endowment to support bursaries to provide a Cranleigh education for Foundationer pupils.

The Cranleigh Foundation has opened up the remarkable educational world of Cranleigh School to our child, inspiring him and offering life-changing opportunities….We have confidence that he will now be given a solid, all-round preparation for success in his future life.


The support and opportunities afforded by the Cranleigh Foundation have transformed his life-chances and enabled him to realise his full potential. The Foundation is a truly wonderful feature of Cranleigh School and is very much to be valued. — Foundationer’s guardian

The Fund is still in its early days but, since it was set up in 2007, has funded 13 Foundationer places. The School seeks the support of the community to continue to fund these life-transforming opportunities. Although some parents or guardians of Foundationer pupils might be in a position to make a financial contribution towards their child’s education, most will not, and the Foundation funds are built on the assumption that it will fully support all Foundationers.

I am so grateful for all you have done to help our family and my child. — Foundationer parent


The Foundation is overseen by a board of Trustees. They are:

Mrs Chris Allison, Head of Riding, Cranleigh School

Mr Andrew Cronk (OC)

Mr Christian Dellière (OC)

Mrs Belinda Graham-Rack, Administrator, Cranleigh Friends

Mr Nick Meyer (OC), Chairman of Cranleigh Foundation

Mr Adrian Lajtha, Chairman of Governing Body, Cranleigh School

Mr Nigel Smith (OC)

Mr Graham Williams (OC)