The ills of the world

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The ills of the world…   I was once interviewed by The Good Schools Guide and, during my meeting, I was asked a very good question on which I have been reflecting often since. It is a question I am asked frequently by prospective parents in one form or another: more →

Flying kites

Posted on 13 May, 2016 under

The bird of prey, or raptor, is probably the genus of bird that is on everyone’s list of favourites. Perhaps as the world’s top predator we recognise our aspirational selves in these agile hunters that seem to epitomise majesty and power, even if we are perhaps less comfortable with the demise more →


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The Cranleigh landscape looks at its best in spring. Surrounded by deciduous trees and mixed native hedgerows (mainly hawthorn, blackthorn and beech) and with small copses both on the Cranleigh land and the neighbouring Van den Burgh field, the gradual greening and re-awakening is always uplifting. The oaks began to more →

Ex Cultu Robur – from culture comes strength

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On 28th April, Cranleigh held its first educational conference, one of the central events of its 150th Anniversary Celebrations. The focus of the summit was culture, arising out of Cranleigh’s motto, ‘Ex Cultu Robur’. This blog is based on my introductory address with the addition of some of the quotations more →

Family members

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There are three members of the Cranleigh Family: Cranleigh School, Cranleigh Prep School and our latest member, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi. They are all characterised by similar behaviours determined by a shared ethos, and indeed similar markings – branding and motto and heraldry – all of which identify them as Cranleigh, more →

Measuring in the sun

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Please read my blog ‘Measuring the sun’ for a different perspective on measurement In my blog, ‘Measuring the sun’, I appraised critically our obsession with data and explored its limitations in fully capturing the immeasurable qualities of hearts and minds. In this blog, I want to make data the starting more →

Measuring the sun

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Data, data, data…we are at times overwhelmed in its swamp. And to use deliberately and ironically statistical terminology to quantify emotion, we love it and loathe it in equal measure. We pore over our ‘Which’ magazine or search for reviews on the internet, analysing statistical comparisons and opinion before choosing more →

From colour to black and white

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An Indian summer has produced some wonderful displays of russets and golds around the school campus. Oaks, ashes, alders and birches are common natives, although there are some more exotic varieties of oak on South Field. The flowering cherries and horse chestnuts which delight in spring give further value in more →

The gatherings

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A local patch is a term used by naturalists to describe the local area in which they live. I am very much an amateur with limited knowledge, and therefore hesitate to call myself a naturalist. Rather, I love the natural world and learning more about it. During my Speech Day more →