We’ve committed to tackling the UK’s literacy challenge by becoming one of the 96 businesses across the country who signed the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge 2023.

We know that lacking vital literacy skills holds a person back at every stage of their life. As a child they won’t be able to succeed at school, as an adult they will be locked out of the job market, and as a parent they won’t be able to support their own child’s learning.

As a school, we have chosen to focus our support on these areas of disadvantage that have been particularly affected, especially in light of the cost-of-living crisis. By working with other businesses, schools, charities and government, we can prioritise literacy skills in our wider community and ensure that the young people who have been most affected are given the support that they need to thrive.

We have committed to taking practical steps to tackle low literacy by engaging our employees, supporting the local communities where we work, and shining a spotlight on this at a national level.

To find out more about the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge 2023 visit this page