Our Family

The Cranleigh Family includes: our partner preparatory school, CPS; our sister school in the UAE, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi; our schools in China with partner Cogdel Education, our sponsored school in Kitwe, Zambia; our alumni association, The Old Cranleighan Society; our careers and mentoring programme, the Cranleigh Network; and our whole community group, Cranleigh Friends.

The Cranleigh family shares our original motto, the phrase at the heart of the school when it was founded in 1865. Ex Cultu Robur (from culture comes strength) informs a robust education ethic and a heartfelt belief in the holistic development of young people.

Our day is built around a strong academic timetable that also prioritises time for sports, music, drama and the creative arts, enabling every child’s talent to flourish. Old Cranleighans, successful and notable in all walks of life, are testament to its success.