Cranleigh China

In China, Cranleigh is partnered with Cogdel Education Group which has over 20 years’ experience operating over-subscribed International High School departments associated with the top public schools in large cities including Chengdu, Wuhan, Beijing, Chongqing and others. Over the coming years a family of Cogdel Cranleigh China schools will be launched. These schools will adopt a similar ethos to Cranleigh, with particular emphasis on academic excellence, the creative curriculum and provision of an innovative co-curricular programme. Cranleigh’s brand and focus will be on the final three years of education in these schools.

Cranleigh China was officially launched in China in November 2019 with a series of ground breaking ceremonies, launch events and conferences. Work is ongoing to realise the ambition of opening the first Cogdel Cranleigh China school in Changsha in September 2020 to be followed shortly by Cogdel Cranleigh Chengdu.