Cranleigh Friends

Cranleigh Friends embraces the entire Cranleigh Family.

We welcome current and former parents and staff, as well as former pupils and friends in the wider community.

Current Parents

There are many opportunities for current parents to come to matches, concerts and shows at both Schools, and to House social and charity events at Cranleigh School. Cranleigh Friends organises fun events so that the wider community can join in. Some of these will be small socials – such as coffees for new Fourth Form parents, or brunch before decorating the Chapel for Christmas. Others will be larger and more glamorous, such as balls and dinners.

We also enable the careers support network to include parents and OC parents, as well as OCs, so that everyone can benefit from this Cranleigh-wide business network.

What makes Cranleigh School special? In my opinion it is the family feeling and approachability of everyone you meet at the School. So often you hear friends complaining that they no longer know what is happening at their child’s school now they have moved from prep school to senior school and they just pick up, drop off and pay the bills. Not so at Cranleigh, from the Headmaster to the Common Room and the Bursarial staff, everyone is only a phone call, email or quick meeting away. I feel the staff are genuinely interested in my children and care about their education and development.Current Parent

Former parents and staff

For those OC parents and former members of staff who wish to re-connect with the School and their Cranleigh friends, we run a programme of activities and events. We will be organising group get-togethers, such as lunches before rugby and hockey fixtures, or drinks before concerts and shows, so that everyone can meet up and chat before settling down to enjoy the excitement of matches and events at the School.

Our three children attended Cranleigh from 7-18, and we have so many happy memories of their time there. House Singing stands out as the highlight of the Prep School. And at the Senior School, we loved the whole school and House charity walks, which had such a strong sense of community – and, of course, the biennial School musical. We’d love to maintain our association with the School.OC Parent

Former Pupils

Former pupils are invited to join the Old Cranleighan Society when they leave Cranleigh. They are also very welcome to become Friends of Cranleigh, and to join in with the Friends programme of events.

Wider Community

We always welcome our friends in the wider community to attend concerts, plays and other events here at the School.

How to Join

All current parents are members of Cranleigh Friends, unless they email to let us know that they’d like to unsubscribe

Parents of 2018-2021 leavers have been given the opportunity to join Cranleigh Friends. However, GDPR legislation means that we cannot contact any other former parents to invite them to join.

If you fall into the latter category, please follow this link to join.

This also applies to former members of staff, and to local residents and former pupils.


If you are interested in attending any of our events, such as concerts or seminars, please click here to visit our dedicated events page.

29th April 2023 Parents’ Tennis Tournament and Cricket Competition. Apply here.


For sport loving Cranleigh Friends, the School welcomes you to return to Cranleigh to watch our teams in action. To see the full list of fixtures, please visit the Sports Desk.