The Williams Library and the adjacent Reading Room are sited at the heart of the school and the Library service is similarly central to the School’s academic life.

Both are housed in what were the original classrooms of the School’s first building.  In these attractive, tranquil surroundings, pupils can find a place to explore their interests outside of the curriculum, further their study of taught subjects and broaden their academic horizons in preparation for life beyond Cranleigh.

Many pupils find the Williams Library and the Reading Room ideal places to revise and to complete Coursework and other projects, taking advantage of the welcoming atmosphere for their study periods.


The beautiful oak shelves of the Williams Library and Reading Room together hold nearly 20,000 hard copy resources. These books and DVDs are all available for loan, although some resources are age restricted. A broad range of periodicals, including daily newspapers, is also available for reading within the Library.

All academic subjects are represented and each academic department’s Resource Co-ordinator works with the Librarians to ensure the very best provision is made in every subject. Extra-curricular subjects (Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, Law and Medicine to name but a few) are well supported; guides to further education, travel, and careers are regularly updated.

The Library also contains a very large general fiction section and the Librarians are always happy to receive recommendations and requests from staff and pupils.

Resources are catalogued according to the Dewey Decimal System, as is the case with University libraries. The full catalogue can be browsed from anywhere in the school through our locally-hosted Online Public Access Catalogue ( The Librarians take great interest in the changing ways that information is shared and we are looking at the most effective way to provide various electronic resources to the school.

Aims and Services

It is the primary objective of the Library service that we provide not only a centre of information resources for all pupils but also an opportunity for pupils to develop a sound grounding in research techniques before moving on to Higher Education. As a result the Librarians work closely with departments to develop pupils’ research skills and to encourage their independent learning.

All new pupils receive an induction in how to use the Library service; those joining in the Fourth Form are inducted as part of their first term’s English lessons. In addition, many House tutors organise Supervised Study Periods for the benefit of their tutees.

Through our links with both the academic and pastoral structures of the School, we provide a safe, supportive place where pupils can develop skills vital to their progress in an information-driven world.

We are committed to improving the physical space of the Library to reflect Cranleigh’s heritage through its ongoing development.

Opening Times and Conventions

The Library is open at the following times:

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 7.00pm
Saturday 8.45am – 12.15pm

The Library affords pupils who need to study with an atmosphere of calm and silence.  To ensure the Library provides an appropriate space for academic work, the conventions below are observed:

Silent study is required in the Williams Library, with quiet study and discussion permitted in the Reading Room.

No music (on personal devices such as iPods, etc.) that is loud enough to cause a disturbance to others is permitted.

No work should be left in the Library unless an arrangement has been made with the Librarians.

The use of laptops with WiFi connectivity is permitted but only for the purposes of research and academic work.

Pupils are responsible for the care of all items loaned to them and they will charged for the cost of replacing lost or damaged resources.

Key Staff


Mrs O. BurtBA, MA

Assistant Librarian

Mrs R. Scriven