At Cranleigh, we passionately believe in the importance to every pupil of being fully engaged and fulfilled in the co-curricular life of the school. It is at the heart of our ethos and we are full of pupils who embrace the wide-ranging opportunities that Cranleigh has to offer and who make the school into such an active and purposeful but also fun and vibrant community.

The co-curricular sphere of school life allows for all pupils to be challenged, try out new activities and pursue their passions within a supportive environment. It enriches the educational experience of pupils and develops skills and character traits that spill over into other areas of school life and beyond – work habits, leadership, teamwork and a sense of duty or service.


Breadth of experience is paramount and there really is something for everyone from Sport, Music, Drama, Creative Arts, Duke of Edinburgh, CCF, service and charitable activities and many different societies. Our philosophy in all of these spheres is one of striving for excellence and elite-level performance but just as importantly it is one of full participation with pupils at all levels being given the opportunity to perform or represent the school. The enthusiasm, endeavour and personal achievements of all individuals are equally valued and recognised and it is here that the close links with the House system are most evident – the supportive and encouraging atmosphere within the houses further promotes the confidence, resilience, self-awareness and ambition that pupils gain from their co-curricular exploits.


Priority activity time takes place for an hour after lunch three times a week and this is when pupils enter into the rich and varied activity programme – it also allows for prime, ring-fenced time for musical and drama rehearsals. In addition, an extensive programme of societies, concerts and plays takes place during the evenings. 



Sport is central to life at Cranleigh and we are proud of our reputation as one of the country’s foremost sporting schools – both in terms of elite level performance but also the deeply held belief in our “sport for all” philosophy. Extended sports practices take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons with the majority of fixtures on Saturday afternoons.


Assistant Head (Co-Curricular)

Mr C H D BoddingtonBA, PGCE