Alliance Team with guest speaker Dan Frampton

‘Alliance’ was formed to show support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans issues at school and in the wider world. Its purpose is to encourage acceptance of LGBT people and to challenge discrimination, while informing and educating the school community in a friendly and supportive manner. It aims to challenge homophobic bullying, in all schools not just at Cranleigh, and to provide information and support on these issues to all Cranleigh students.

The society operates through hosting three events per term open to everyone: A Guest Speaker, talking on a relevant issue; a Workshop, offering practical advice to young people and finally a Debate on a subject in this area.  We also run more informal meetings and fun events to raise awareness.

Being LGBT itself is not a problem or a risk, but young people can find it difficult when people around them are not supportive. “Coming out” can be a very difficult thing to do at a young age and sadly, LGBT young people are much more likely to commit suicide or self-harm than other young people. There are a lot of incorrect assumptions about what it means to be LGBT, and all people express their identity in different ways.

Alliance is a source of information and support for pupils, and provides training for staff so that they can better help their students.

Coming Out

Cranleigh School staff will always support of a student who is unsure of their sexual identity and will listen and offer help. A good source of independent information is the Stonewall website.


If you are unsure of the terms and words that describe sexual orientation and identity, Stonewall’s Glossary can help.

Sexual Health

The NHS has some good advice and information for LGBT young people regarding Sexual Health.


You can speak to any member of staff at Cranleigh about any issue you want to discuss. 


For further information contact or follow us on Twitter @CranAlliance