Combined Cadet Force

The Combined Cadet Force at Cranleigh has evolved into a thriving activity which is becoming integral to the ethos of the School. Dating back to the 30th May 1900, when the school was given permission to form the ‘Cadet Corps’ the School has had a strong military connect throughout its history. Usually several cadets go on to join the forces each year, but this is certainly not the aim of the CCF. The primary role is to promote leadership, team work and encourage self-discipline, whilst having a lot of fun in the outdoors. The Contingent is part of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR) family, all members wear the cap badge and are proud to be known as ‘Tigers’, the nickname of the Regiment.

Cadets take part in an introduction to CCF in the Fourth Form and can then volunteer in the Lower Fifth to become a cadet. Parade is at 3:30pm on Wednesday afternoons and sessions run until 5:00pm, although some weeks timings are extended to enable longer sessions.

Trips and Expeditions

Each year, in addition to the regular Wednesday afternoon parades, cadets are encouraged to participate in a multitude of trips and camps:

  • There are two planned Field Days at Longmoor training area, Ex TIGER CUB for new recruits and Ex TIGER FURY for the more senior cadets. Both include tactical and field craft lessons and live firing.
  • An annual Adventure Training Camp. A week long mixed package, run by the school staff and external military instructors. The location varies from year to year; the Lake District, Snowdonia, or the Yorkshire Dales. Activities can include, mountain biking, climbing, caving, pot holing and an overnight expedition.   
  • We attend a military run central camp at the start of the summer holidays. This gives the cadets a chance to compete against other schools in military skills and is great opportunity to mingle with other likeminded cadets from all parts of the country.  
  • There are many range days where the cadets can fire weapons from .22 small bore target rifle through to the Cadet GP 5.56mm rifle and 7.62mm Target rifle.  
  • We have also attended military STEM based events, leadership courses and Military Skills competitions.


Contingent Commander – Maj D.C. Reed

SSI – Maj J.D. Money

Army Section Commander – 2Lt N. Walker.

Contingent Staff – Lt T.M.D.Constable, 2Lt’s, R.E. Simmons, R.H. Verdon, B.P. Hopcroft.