Drama is a key part of school life and many parents, pupils and staff are struck by how seriously Cranleigh approaches performance in all its forms. Indeed, many pupils cite the standard of Drama at Cranleigh as one of the reasons that they chose the school.

Taking part in a production, whether as an actor, designer, stage manager or technician provides an unparalleled challenge which builds teamwork, creates long-lasting friendship and gives young people social confidence. It’s also extremely enjoyable and will remain one of the most memorable experiences of a student’s time at school.

However, Academic Drama affords pupils an opportunity to study in a different way, and students certainly value having a number of lessons per week that aren’t solely spent behind a desk! Choosing Drama as part of the curriculum and as a GCSE or A-Level choice affords pupils at Cranleigh a balanced timetable, and provides communication skills that in later life are useful during interviews and in the workplace.

The principal focus of all forms of Drama at Cranleigh is for pupils to enjoy performing, whilst being pushed to reach the highest standards possible.

Get Involved

It is not necessary to study Academic Drama to participate in a school production. Auditions are open to all. There are two Main School productions each year open to Upper Fifth through to Upper Sixth students in Michaelmas and Lent term. The Junior Play is in the Summer term and is aimed at the Fourth Form and Lower Fifth. We produce a Senior Musical biannually in the Lent term, and similarly a Junior Musical in the Summer term.

Students also play a major role off stage operating lighting and sound equipment, as well as running the show. Weekly theatre sessions are open to all pupils and not just those studying drama as an academic subject option. In these sessions students will learn technical skills, design shows and build scenery. Pupils can join from the Fourth Form occupying operating roles and then progress to leadership roles in the Sixth form.

Our productions for 2021/22 are:

Michaelmas – Neverland

Lent – That Face 

Summer production to be confirmed…

Tickets for all school productions can be booked online at cranleigh.org/tickets and are available to parents, staff and friends of the school.

PAST Productions

Michaelmas- Shakespeare In Love 

Lent- Little Shop of Horrors

Summer- Once Upon A Myth 

Lent 2020 – We Will Rock You 

Michaelmas 2020 – The Musicians/Black Comedy