Academic Buildings

Emms Centre

The spectacular new Academic Centre is the perfect location for classroom and collaborative working. In addition to a huge number of modern science laboratories and language rooms, it features a purpose built lecture hall that comfortably seats up to 150, ideal for lectures, and a beautiful light and airy covered court, which contains round tables for seminar groups and small group study.



Connaught Block

The Connaught block classrooms are part of the original quad building which dates back to the Victorian period. Large windows and small rooms create airy but collegiate environments for smaller class sizes and seminar groups. All are full equipped with state of the art projection technology.




Williams Library and Reading Room







Situated at the front of the school the library and reading room offer quiet spaces for individual or group study. The reading room also hosts smaller lectures and lunchtime discussion groups.

Development Plans

A brand new teaching block will be built over the next two years, using an innovative design and build around the existing squash courts, to minimise disruption and provide value for money. The building will house humanities in a setting to rival our impressive Emms centre

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