Chapel Interior

Every living community needs a heartbeat. The regular rhythm of meeting together three times a week in the mornings and on regular Friday evenings is a vital part of life at Cranleigh, epitomised in the sheer enthusiasm when the school is at song. In Chapel we pause from the rush of the hectic term: to listen, to reflect, to think, to broaden our perspectives from the inevitably inward focused and preoccupations of school life. Eyes and hearts are encouraged not only to look in, but to look out and up.

The Chaplaincy team is passionate about connecting the truth and wisdom of the Christian tradition, found especially in the Bible, to teenagers in contemporary society. A range of speakers aim to challenge, encourage and build up each member of the community in their spiritual development.

Chapel Programme as follows:

Tuesday 8:10: Morning Prayer

Tuesday 13:05: Staff Prayer

Tuesday 18:15: CU Bible Study (L8)

Wednesday 10:20: Staff Prayer

Thursday 8:10: Morning Prayer

Friday 8:10: Congregational Practice

Friday 17:10: Evensong

The Chaplaincy Team

We are fortunate to have many of the Common Room involved in the activities of the Chapel. Key ‘official’ staff, however, include:

Miss T Sellers

Chaplain's Assistant


The Confirmation Course

All pupils are invited to be confirmed into the Church of England during their time at Cranleigh. Roman Catholic students are welcome to attend the course and then to arrange for Confirmation in their own Parish, if convenient. The course runs during the Lent Term, with a Confirmation Service towards the beginning of the Summer Term. In recent years the Alpha Film series has provided a really helpful starting point for those thinking through their own faith.