Lower School

Lower School students in the libraryIn these years pupils have to acquire effective study habits which will serve them for the rest of their lives. It is our intention that they should receive a broad subject-based education which also places a heavy emphasis on the techniques of study. In this way our pupils should be well placed to cope with future challenges and be in a position to respond to them.


For all pupils the first three years are critical. They mark the next rung on the ladder which typically leads to University and a career.

Jamie Bartlett, Head of Lower School

One of the foundations for achieving this is the tutorial system. Within the week a specific time is reserved for tutors to see their Lower School tutees as a group. Some of these sessions will allow the tutor to discuss matters relating to Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. Other sessions will concentrate on time management and study skills.

These times will also enable the tutor to deal with any work problems that may arise and to discuss reports. In effect, the tutorial becomes a vital and integral part of the academic and pastoral structure. It will aid pupils’ academic development.

*Please note that whilst most of this booklet is correct there is a significant change from September 2023, which is that pupils no longer must choose a compulsory Modern Foreign Language from French or Spanish as one of their GCSE options when they move into Year 10.