For many of the Lower Fifth Formers coming out on their Bronze practice expedition last weekend, this was their first experience of walking with a full pack and sleeping out under canvas. This led to the usual debates about how much mouth wash was absolutely necessary, whether it was possible to survive without two full sized pillows, and prompted comments such as:

“There is absolutely no way, ever, at all, that all of that will ever fit inside my pack…ahh…OK – maybe you are right.” and “What do you mean there won’t be any showers in the morning?” Life would be dull without these little rituals.

The weather was perfect, the walking was lovely, no one got too terribly lost and most groups seem to have had a great time. Lots of good lessons about food, kit and navigation were taken on board and it proved to be a valuable learning exercise for everyone taking part. Well done to all the participants.

Many thanks to the staff who gave up their time to look after the groups and to stay out with them overnight, and once again our gratitude goes to the kind landowners who generously let us camp in their fields.

Fingers crossed for a similarly pleasant experience for the Assessed Expedition later this term.