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Admissions Policy23rd September 2022
Anti Bullying23rd September 2022
Anti Cyberbullying23rd September 2022
Behaviour and Discipline Policy23rd September 2022
Complaints Policy23rd September 2022
Data Protection – Data Retention Guidelines23rd September 2022
Data Protection – Privacy Notice-Commercial Activities23rd September 2022
Data Protection – Privacy Notice-Cranleigh-Giving23rd September 2022
Data Protection – Privacy Notice-Pupil-Older-Key-Information23rd September 2022
Data Protection – Privacy-Notice-for-Parents-Full23rd September 2022
Data Protection – Privacy-Notice-for-Parents-Key-Information23rd September 2022
Data Protection – Privacy-Notice-Pupil-Older-Full23rd September 2022
Data Protection – Privacy-Notice-Pupil-Younger-Full23rd September 2022
Data Protection – Privacy-Notice-Pupil-Younger-Key Information23rd September 2022
Data Protection Policy23rd September 2022
Disability Policy29th September 2022
English as an additional language29th September 2022
Equal Opportunities Policy (Pupils)17th November 2022
Equal Opportunities Policy (Staff)17th November 2022
Ethos and Aims29th September 2022
Excellence Awards Policy29th September 2022
Expulsion and Removal Review Procedure23rd September 2022
Gender Pay Gap Reports21st March 2023
Gift Acceptance, Fundraising Practice and Fundraising Complaints Policy12th May 2021
Health and Safety Statement of Intent29th September 2022
Laptop Policy (for use in examinations)29th September 2022
Learning Support29th September 2022
Medical Care and First Aid Policy3rd November 2021
Payment Card Information Security Policy17th January 2023
Pension Scheme Implementation Statement31st January 2023
PSHE Policy17th November 2022
Relationships Education and Relationships and Sex Education Policy17th November 2022
Right to Study policy29th September 2022
Safeguarding (Child Protection) Policy18th November 2022
Safeguarding of Boarders17th November 2022
School Trips and Expeditions29th September 2022
Smoking, Alcohol and Misuse of Drugs and Substances Policy23rd September 2022
Template Cancellation Notice and Cancellation Form31st July 2020