Cranleigh’s third year competing at the ISSC Indoor Ski Championship was a resounding success. With just four of the ‘elite’ Snow Martlets, we managed to earn a total of five medals. The team consisted of Rose J., Charles E. and Louis M., accompanied by two ski veterans and members of staff, Mr Bird and Mr Reed.

All of the girls skied well, especially Rose who has flawless technique and had a great two runs. With this, Rose came away from the competition with a fifth place medal in the U16 age group. This was an amazing performance, especially considering this was her first competition in the U16s. Rose is destined to have an exceptional career competing at Cranleigh.

Then came the boys; Charles E. a three-time ski trip champion who aced his first run in only 16.18 seconds—­­ a time that proved well in the overall rankings. Charles is always bringing huge team spirit to every competition, along with being a remarkable talent when it comes to racing. Competitions would not be the same without him, especially since his rank contributed to Cranleigh coming second in the mixed ability race team!

The next was Louis M.  who had an interesting first run. He was late to his start and went after bib number 124, even though he was bib 120. Despite this he had a decent first run in 15.17 seconds. With his next run he had a bit more time before the start, resulting in a better run time of around 14.58 seconds. This was enough to achieve second in the U21 age group!

Last but certainly not least was Hugo N. who unfortunately missed the fourth gate of his first run despite it looking so good to begin with. However, all was well when he came back with an astonishing 14.17 seconds in his second run which was the best Cranleigh time of the day— meaning his overall rank was 42nd out of 139. Incredible! Another amazing achievement from a long serving Snow Martlet.

It is fair to say the Cranleigh Ski team is improving every year with numerous achievements to prove it, such as us being second in the mixed ability category today. I believe this is only the beginning of what the Ski team will become, especially under the wing of the Director of Skiing Mr Reed and his assistant Mr Bird. Both were a great help today and deserve a special thank you for their massive support. Many thanks to the parents who also came to support and watch what was a very successful day.