Portrait Photo of Simon Brearley

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mr Simon Brearley is the Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at Cranleigh School. Mr Brearley has been delivering S&C coaching since 2009, and his multi-sport experience spans from working with Olympic (+Paralympic) athletes, as well as within professional sport. Mr Brearley is accredited as an S&C Coach by the UK Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA).

Away from Cranleigh Mr Brearley is a consultant S&C Coach and Advisory Board Member to the PGA European Tour Performance Institute (ETPI), official providers of Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy and Performance services for professional golfers on tour. In addition to this, he also consults to England Golf Union, assuming responsibility for the physical development of U18 players in the South region.

His special interests are around strength and conditioning for running based sports, plyometric training, youth athlete development, strength and conditioning for golf, and sports rehabilitation/reconditioning. He is currently developing expertise within these areas through both formal and informal research. His listed publications are available via ResearchGate.

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