Subsequent to South’s show in the Summer term, once again South took to the stage and did not disappoint. Four hundred people filled the Speech Hall in order to catch a glimpse of the South tutors reliving their teenage years. This included some leggings, a couple of fluorescent headbands, bright leg-warmers and two male tutors for a collaborated rendition of ‘Flash Dance’.

As well as the tutors coming together, each year group did too. The IV Form showed their highly anticipated dance; they performed with an equal quality to that in the House Performance Evening at the beginning of term, along with East and Cubitt’s part-songs. The LV and UV then followed with their separate dances.  Yellow ribbons were a recurring theme for ‘Walking On the Sunshine’ which then contrasted to the red Santa onesies worn by the UV, clearly eagerly anticipating the upcoming Christmas Holidays. The LVI presented perhaps one of the highlights of the evening amongst a ‘wild’ stage. To complete the year groups, the UVI performed a mash-up of songs, dancing right through the years: from Abba to S-Club 7 and back to Michael Jackson, to name but a few.

The energetic and entertaining dances provided a contrast to the soloists’ performances with each playing and singing to extremely high standards. Eventually, however, the evening came to a close and the whole of South House joined Mrs Frett, Miss Sturdee and Miss Greenwood on the stage for the final number ‘It’s raining men’. As South belted the song and danced for the final time, the evening ended in great spirits.

Rosie Singleton
UV South