This year nearly forty steely-eyed warriors readied themselves for Exercise March Hare – our annual overnight exercise on an Aldershot military training area.  Saturday afternoon went smoothly as waves of cadets deployed as and when they were able to complete their other school commitments and by nightfall everyone was safely ensconced in a secure harbour area, with their bashers up and their ration packs cooking.  A clear moonlit night was perfect for the patrols which went out and everyone managed to return to their base without too much geographical embarrassment well before midnight. 

In the morning things were a little more sluggish, possibly due to the incessant rain, which gave things a rather Welsh feel. It would be disingenuous to say that we were surprised by the weather; it was just that after several weeks of glorious Spring sun the resumption of normal service was somewhat irritating. Weather aside, things proceeded according to plan and any lost time was soon made up. The enemy were located; small groups were gradually picked off; and the day concluded in a convincing defeat of the massed enemy forces, just as a rather resigned coach driver materialised to take our soggy contingent back to Cranleigh.

As ever thanks go to the staff who gave up their weekend (GGB, TIMW, PVP, RGL and SLW), the senior cadets for looking after and leading the juniors, and everyone for pushing on in some fairly grim conditions.