This August a brave troop of 17 climbed the highest peak in North Africa. Having been told the trip would be equivalent to a gentle five mile yomp in the Surrey hills. This was not the case, because as we hiked closer to the looming Mt Toubkal (which stood at a disconcerting 13,671 ft) we realised this was going to be a lot harder than expected.

The team, consisting of a varied age range between 12 and 60 encountered many obstacles along the way; including nasty bouts of altitude sickness, sleep deprivation, aching limbs and even a torn ligament!

Suffice it to say, every step was worth it and the whole team had a fun, challenging experience. Most importantly, each member of the team succeeded in reaching the summit in less than four days, in order to raise money¬† for Tildy’s Trust to buy a new ventilator at the St George’s Hospital. When we reached the summit we held a small ceremony for our beloved Tildy, which was an emotional experience for everyone, and an experience that will not be forgotten. In all, it was a fantastic trip and we felt that Tildy was with us every step of the way.

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Cecile Zoet (LVIth, South)