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The time was 6am, Zambia was the place. After being released from our slumber we were herded into a bus ready to begin a physical and mentally draining day of work. We were each put into pairs and were faced with the daunting task of interviewing 300 children about how their lives had changed in the last year. This also involved measuring their BMI and taking pictures which will be sent to the relevant sponsors.
It was shocking to find how people laughed about their lack of amenities with next to no-one having running water; this clearly affected some of us (Joe Gill), as we found it hard to stomach but showed a brave face. We were all in rotation as the photography was a well needed rest from emotional strain of the interviews. Then we got our first taste of Zambian cuisine, which on the whole went down pretty well. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know the kids, by playing numerous games and teaching them a plethora of songs.
And as we sit here skiving data inputting it gives a chance to reflect on our fourth day on the Zambia trip.
Written by Joe Gill,
Tara Beamish,
Tom S-J,
and Sam Scutt.