Given the strenuous task of interviewing over 300 children the day before, the Zambia team expected a somewhat less tiring day. However, we were not treated to the luxury of relaxation. The day commenced with a series of reading assessments, beginning with Grade 2. The children showed excellent progress with their reading of English, impressing the team greatly.
By far the most exhausting activity was the digging of the septic tank pit, 3 metres deep in the tough Zambian soil. Despite some children believing we were building sand castles, we did in fact make good progress, working in the shadow of several experienced Zambian hole-diggers. Having reached the 1 foot mark, we were slightly disheartened to see that the Zambian hole-diggers had completed their entire hole at 3 metres depth. Lunch was an interesting experience; despite the alien food of nshima being served, exceptional gains were made all round.
Having been revitalised with some Zambian cuisine, the team was ready and raring to storm the fort in the England v. Zambia football match. After a rousing national anthem, England performed well, with Zoet burying a sublime volley through the breezeblock posts (Calnan with a cross footed assist). Spirits were high entering the second half, with the English team foolishly thinking the game was in the bag; little did we know Zambia began to find their flow and ran rings around the English defence. Hibbert put in a gallant performance in goal, but was unfortunately nutmegged to seal the Zambian victory at 2-1. Rematch scheduled tomorrow at 3 PM (Sky Sports 1 Channel 401).

By Hagermeister
The Hibbernought
and Sam Richards