Once again the early start appeared to have taken its toll upon the team. However, the prospect of returning to the school for more challenges excited everyone, and the morning blues soon wore off. On arrival, we were welcomed warmly again, before getting down to the working day. The seemingly never-ending sun was affecting the wellbeing of our determined diggers, but they ploughed on, despite being attacked by small children who were far too excited by the clay. The group continued with the reading assessments, an essential part of the trip in helping Beyond Ourselves to develop the standard of education at Kawama. Once more lunch was received with open arms, however we are still unsure as to what meat the sausage is comprised of (our best guess is hamster). In the afternoon, the excitement amongst the pupils as they prepared for Zambia’s Independence Day was evident, with enough chants to deafen even the most enthusiastic of us. We were soon called upon for more reading assessments, which was made considerably more interesting by the loud thunder and satanic sand storm, an extremely unusual and terrifying event, with the heavy raindrops battering the corrugated iron roof. The amusement amongst the children was clear, however not quite as much amusement as was seen within the team. Eventually, after a long, tiring and sweaty day, the bus arrived, much to the disgust of the entertained kids.

Matt, Sam and Sophie